Power Analysis Sample Sizea computer program for statistical power analysis and confidential intervals

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software overview
Work interactively!

  • Interactive guide walks you through all the steps in the power analysis

  • Modify any element in the study and immediately see the impact on power

  • Use a wide array of tools to visualize the effect size and to understand the impact of alpha, effect size, and sample size
  • Work Interactively image
    Create a Report image Create A Report with a Single Click!

  • The program generates a lucid, comprehensive report that explains the study design, assumptions, and power.

  • The report serves as a teaching tool and may also be used in the statistics section of a study proposal or grant application

  • Export to Word™ or other word processing program.
  • Create Tables and Graphs with a Single Click!

  • Get the big picture in just seconds! Use graphs to quickly evaluate any number of options for study design.

  • Export to Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™ and other programs.

  • Include the graphs in your presentation or grant application to justify your selection of a sample size.
  • Create Tables image

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