Power Analysis Statistical Softwarea computer program for statistical power analysis and confidential intervals

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Power and Precision is a stand-alone statistical software package that is used to find the sample size for a planned study.

The program features an unusually clear interface, and many tools to assist the user in developing an understanding of power analysis. It incorporates the ability to create tables, graphs, and reports with a single click. It includes a number of features that are helpful for teaching power analysis, and others that allow the researcher to explain and justify the selection of a sample size for grant applications.

This statistical program is currently in use in more than 8,000 institutions. Our clients include several thousand universities, numerous consulting firms and research institutes, many major pharmaceutical companies, various government agencies including the FDA and the CDC, as well as numerous other entities both in the U.S. and abroad.

The program is shipped with a 300 page manual that includes a comprehensive introduction to power analysis as well as worked examples and algorithms for all procedures.

Click here to download the free trial version of the software.



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