Power Analysisa computer program for statistical power analysis and confidential intervals

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software overview :  comments and reviews

"I've been in love with the earlier version of your program for years, but this one is really amazing."
- Brenda J. Shields, Columbus, OH

"Your software is superb!"
- Dr. David Noble, University of Aberdeen

"This is stunning in its clarity and efficiency."
- Dr. Sal Mannuzza, New York University School of Medicine

"I enjoy using your software tremendously!"
- Marc Buyse, Executive Director, IDDI (International Drug Development Institute), Brussels, Belgium

"This software is great and the ease of use is amazing. I normally use [another program] and was prepared to spend hours...With your program I had the graphs in minutes and the graphs got it exactly right. An incredible effort. Thanks!!"
- Ricardo Pietrobon, Director of Outcomes Research, Division of Orthopedic Surgery and Ambulatory Anesthesia, Duke University

"In summary, this software was obviously developed by those who have conducted power analyses for numerous proposals. The authors are well aware of the "What ifs?" that we are asked, and that we ask of ourselves, as we conduct power analyses as a part of planning trials. With its great flexibility and speed, this nicely designed software would be well used by anyone involved in the design of clinical trials and other research projects."
- Dr. Andrew Leon, Software Review, Controlled Clincal Trials, 20:202-204 (1999)


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