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Power Analysis statistical software a computer program for statistical power analysis and confidential intervals

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About Biostat
Biostat was founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing computer programs for statistical power analysis and for meta analysis. Development of these statistical software packages has been funded by the National Institutes of Health under the SBIR program.

To date, Biostat has released the following statistical analysis software packages.

    Statistical Power Analysis was released in 1988.

    Power And Precision (Version 1) was released in 1997.

    Power And Precision (Version 2) was released in 2000.

    Comprehensive Meta Analysis (Version 1) was released in 2000.

We have been funded by NIH to develop additional modules for both the power analysis and meta analysis statistical programs, and new versions of each are scheduled for release over the next few years.

These programs were developed by Michael Borenstein, Ph.D., in collaboration with the consultants listed here. Each consultant worked on specific aspects of either or both statistical analysis programs.

    Michael Borenstein, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Jacob Cohen, New York University
    Hannah Rothstein, Baruch College
    Jesse Berlin, University of Pennsylvania
    David Schoenfeld, Harvard Medical School
    Larry Hedges, University of Chicago
    Harris Cooper, University of Missouri
    Jonathan Sterne, University of Bristol
    Matthias Egger, University of Bristol
    Sue Duval, University of Minnesota
    Alex Sutton, University of Leicester

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